Cookie Policy

What is a cookie file?

It is a small safe file which a user's browser creates automatically and writes to the user's device memory when the user opens a website for the first time or after expiration of a cookie file lifetime.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are sent to the website server every time you open a website page to help the server know that it is you and not somebody else. When cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use, for example, your back office (unless the server is configured to stick cookies to hyperlinks, but it's too technical) because our server will not recognize you.

Are cookies safe?

As cookie files are very tiny (just a few characters), they are not a good target for malware. While the size is controlled by the browser, using cookie files for planting viruses is technically impossible. In addition, cookies never contain any secret information. So keeping cookies enabled in your browser is absolutely safe.

The software which we use on our servers and our website ensures that there will never be any personal or secret data in the cookies created in your browser when you visit our website.