Privacy Policy

Main provisions

This privacy policy regulates all matters related with personal information of any user and/or guest (hereinafter - User) gathered by SatoshiTreasure LLC (hereinafter - Provider) via its official website (hereinafter - Website).

Definition of personal information

In terms of this website, personal information means any data of the User which the Provider demands and the User provides for properly providing the services as set forth on the Website by the Provider.

Contents of Personal information

Personal information includes the User's first name, last name, e-mail address and other data which help the Provider properly and reliably identify the User and his or her account on the Website. The list above is not exhaustive and may include any other information which the Provider may deem necessary from time to time.

The Provider never demands such information as credit card data, bank account passwords and other secret data except for password to the User's account on the Website.

Disclosure of personal information

The Provider shall keep all personal information in secret and not disclose it to any third persons except for cases when such disclosure is legally binding for the Provider and such disclosure is officially requested by competent authorities.

Commercial use of personal information

The Provider shall never share, sell or in any other disclose the personal information of any User for its commercial or other benefits.

Protection of personal information

The Provider is and shall be doing everything possible and economically reasonable to ensure proper technical and other protection to personal information of its Users by using the best anti-hacker hardware and software.