Terms of Use

This page contains Terms of Use which represent an agreement between SatoshiTreasure LLC, hereinafter referred to as Provider, providing its services through its official website satoshitreasure.net hereinafter referred to as the Website on the one side and any guest or client of the Provider, hereinafter referred to as the User, who can be a legal entity or an individual of legal age in his or her country, on the other side.


The Provider offers its investment and referral products and services through the Website and the User invests funds to receive profit from the mentioned products and services.

Obligations of the Provider

The Provider is obliged to:

  • properly accept the User's investments;
  • accrue interest on the User's investments in accordance with current investment offers;
  • accrue affiliate rewards in accordance with current affiliate program;
  • execute withdrawal requests of the User within 24 hours from the receipt of such requests;
  • use sufficient hardware and software to ensure protection to the User's personal information and financial records;
  • provide support to help the User solve any issues related with the Website and investment activity;
  • notify the User of any significant changes in a timely manner.

Rights of the Provider

The Provider has the right to:

  • make any changes to the investment offers and affiliate program at any time;
  • suspend the User's account in case of breach of these Terms or common ethics;
  • use the Users's e-mail address to notify the User of any changes or events.

Obligations of the User

The User is obliged to:

  • observe common ethics when contacting the Website support service and/or discussing the Provider on forums and other public web platforms;
  • use only one account for earning interest and rewards; multiple registrations are not allowed and are a reason for account suspension;
  • use only commonly accepted ways to share the word of the Provider where unsolicited advertising (spamming) is totally unacceptable and may lead to the account suspension.

Rights of the User

The User has the right to:

  • register one account on the Website;
  • invest money and receive profit in accordance with the investment plans offered by the Provider;
  • take part in the affiliate program and receive affiliate rewards unless spamming is used;
  • make withdrawal requests;
  • contact the support service of the Provider any time to get help.

Amount and terms

Since the Provider offers multiple ways to earn interest and rewards, the amounts and terms may be widely variable and depend on the User's activity.

Resolution of disputes

The Parties shall do their best to solve all disputes by negotiations and if the negotiations fail, the disputes shall be resolved in accordance with laws of the jurisdiction of the Provider.

Force majeure

Either Party undergoing circumstances or conditions, which are beyond its control, shall become temporarily or permanently exempt from its obligations. Such circumstances or conditions include natural disasters, modifications of laws, actions of third parties, such as hacker or DDoS attacks and other conditions which make further activity of the said Party impossible for a certain period of time or permanently. In such case the affected Party must notify the other Party of such circumstances or conditions and approximate time which the affected Party may require to eliminate the consequences of force majeure before it regains the ability to continue filling out its obligations.


This agreement itself is timeless, but obligations of the Parties hereunder are in force while the User has a positive account balance and/or active investments. When the User has zero account balance and no active investments, the Provider is considered to have fulfilled all its obligations until the User makes a new investment or becomes eligible for getting new affiliate rewards.


Registration on and further use of the Website shall constitute the acceptance of the provisions of this agreement by the User. If the User does not accept these provisions, he or she must not sign up or start earning interest and/or affiliate rewards with the Website.