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Investment plan Yours 13%
  • Responsive image The sum of the deposit is included in the withdrawals
  • Responsive image Instant withdrawal of accruals at any moment
  • Responsive image Overall profitability after the deadline: 130%
  • Responsive image Minimum deposit: $ 10
  • Responsive image Minimum payment: $ 1
  • Responsive image As the project develops, new investment plans may be added

About project

Are you ready to go up while Bitcoin is going down?

Aren't you fed up with watching Bitcoin charts and dreaming about Bitcoin going "to the Moon" while seeing a reflection of the Moon in a puddle? Perhaps it will get "to the Moon" some day, but are you sure you will still be young and full of energy by that time?

Aren't you tired of the numberless "experts" telling you to buy as much Bitcoin as you can and hold, hold, hold it patiently because some day (maybe tomorrow and maybe by 5000 A.D.) it will go to the Moon?

Everyone wants easy money, that's natural. But money doesn't come from nowhere. To make your account increased by an amount, somebody else must have his or her account decreased by the same amount, so while you're buying and holding Bitcoin, somebody else must be ruining his future by selling Bitcoin all the time. Isn't that ridiculous?

Money loves working, money hates being idle! So don't bury Bitcoin in lodes — invest it! Investing is the only way to get real profit here and now! Of course if you choose a good investment opportunity!

Satoshi Treasure is the right place to invest your Bitcoin and earn good profit at reasonable risks.

All you need to start earning 13% daily for 10 days is fill out a simple registration form and make a deposit.

Tell your friends about this opportunity and get up to 10% of their deposits as the affiliate rewards! Open additional tiers by referring more people to make your earnings boundless!

Satoshi Treasure is the best way to get high profit at low risks!

Affiliate Program

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6% Receive 6% when your affiliates invest up to $10K in total
Responsive image 2 lvl
9% Receive 9% when your affiliates invest $10K or more in total
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10% Receive 10% when your affiliates invest $25K or more in total

Stats of payments / withdrawals

Started Jun 29, 2018
Running days 117
Successful cycles 11
Total accounts 835
Active accounts 559
Visitors online 6
Members online 1
Last update Oct 24, 2018
  • +
    Total deposited
    83343.32 $
  • -
    withdrawn funds

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Faq Here you will find answers to common questions

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Active hotline Available every day from 8 PM to 8 AM
Satoshi Treasure is an online investment company duly registered at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom, N1 7GU.
Our company trades cryptocurrencies and earns profit in the cryptocurrencies market.
Our market specialists use fundamental and technical analysis together with professional money management to buy a currency while it's on lows and sell it when it's on highs. The difference between the prices at which we buy and sell is our profit.
If you haven't created an account at our website, please create one, then log in, go to the investing page by clicking the INVEST button. Input the amount you would like to invest, select the payment method which is the best for you and click the INVEST button. Then confirm your deposit data and make the payment. Your deposit will be created automatically as soon as we receive your payment.
You can deposit any amount from $10 to $30000.
Yes, you can make as many deposits as you like - either at once or in periods.
We accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Please note that cryptocurrency amounts will be converted into US dollars, so you will be receiving fiat interest disregarding the cryptocurrency price at the settlement times.
We are planning to add this payment method, but currently card payments are not available. However, you can use the available payment methods to topup your wallet by card and then invest.
You can create a wallet in any of the available payment systems and top it up. It is very easy and free of charge. Just go to one of these websites to create a wallet:,,,, or
If you are using a cryptocurrency to deposit, you should wait about an hour for transaction confirmations to come. Otherwise, please contact our support service and pass your username, deposit amount, payment method, transaction identifier and approximate time of the failed transaction (please pass the GMT time or indicate your time zone, e. g. GMT+5). Our specialists will check your transaction and create your deposit manually.
The principal is included in your repayments which means that a part of your total repayments will be your principal and profit. For example, if you invest $1000, you will be getting $130 every day for 10 days and upon expiration you will get the total of $1300 which consists of your principal ($1000) and net profit ($300).
You can request withdrawal of $1 or more.
All withdrawal requests are processed instantly which means that you will receive your payment as soon as you request it. If instant withdrawals become impossible due to technical reasons, the processing time will be up to 24 hours.
The payment method of your deposit. You may not invest via one payment method and request withdrawal to another. The same rule works for affiliate rewards: your reward will be accrued in the currency which your affiliate used for depositing.
First of all, make sure your request is not canceled. If not, check our news, perhaps, you have missed an update. Or contact support to find out the reason of the delay. Please note that in case of unscheduled maintenance support is receiving very many requests, so be patient and don't resend your messages — it will not speed up your message but will congest the support.
No, you can earn affiliate rewards when you have no active deposits and you can earn interest on your deposit without referring anyone. Affiliate program is an option to increase your main earnings and you can decide whether to use it or not.
Yes, your rewards are added to your account balance and you can invest or withdraw them at once.
Any people of legal age in their countries.
Sending spam (unsolicited ads) is a bad behavior and our company is strictly against any spamming. If an investor is found sending spam, his or her account may be suspended for an indefinite time. So please use only socially acceptable ways to share the word of Satoshi Treasure.
Yes, we are using the best hardware and software to ensure maximum protection against hacker, DDoS and other malicious actions.
First of all, change your password, if possible, and increase the security level on the security settings page of your account. If you lost access to your account and can't restore it with the standard password recovery function, contact support to get further instructions.
The time of response depends on the time of the day and current situation on the website. If there are no visible technical issues, you can get a reply within a few minutes. If the website isn't functioning normally or is down due to unscheduled maintenance or external impacts, the support may be receiving great numbers of messages from other investors, so you will have to wait your turn.
Please address your problem to support and give as many details as you can. Try to avoid questions which can make the support to ask for additional data regarding your issue. Every question - answer cycle takes time, so it is to your benefit to provide all data regarding your problem in your first message.
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  • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • 20-22 Wenlock Road London, United Kingdom, N1 7GU


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